Our Message

Our message is dedicated to health and water professionals also to government officials.

At JAMEBI, our SUNLIFEWATER technology brings clean water to people throughout the sunny tropics and sometimes beyond.

We do it using at a family or community scale using a clever device called a solar water pasteuriser.

Our unique JAMEBI pasteuriser uses the sun’s heat to kill microbes that can make people ill.

  • Fewer than ONE in four thousand viruses survive SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI
  • Fewer than ONE in two million bacteria survive SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI

Independent testing by The World Health Organisation’s Collaborating Centre, KWR Laboratories, documents SUNLIFEWATER’s performance.

This product has been tested as part of the WHO International Evaluation Scheme for Household Water Treatment Technologies and it was found to have: ‘Comprehensive protection: two-star’’.

SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI makes bio-contaminated water safe to drink.