SUNLIFEWATER: Clean water - all year round in sunny tropical places

  • Clean water using solar
  • Operates on blue sky days
  • No other power supply
  • No chemicals needed
  • Large household scale
  • Small lifetime cost per litre
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Long life reliable product
  • Zero operational costs


SUNLIFEWATER: Clean water - DIY kits for emergency and disaster relief

  • Drinking water fast - within hours of setup
  • Space-saving flat-pack kit
  • Stores safely for decades
  • Easy to deploy in bulk
  • Easy to handle and set up
  • Position it on the ground
  • Use multiples on large sites
  • Zero operational costs

SUNLIFEWATER: Clean water - for off-grid permanent or temporary users

  • Clean water off the grid
  • Boxed until needed
  • Easy and fast to set up
  • Family water disinfection
  • Safe, robust and reliable
  • No fragile glass tubes used
  • 50C to -10C usage range
  • Minimal need for spares
  • Zero operational costs

Off-grid solar water pasteurisation


Designed for off-grid reliability, and tested to WHO criteria, SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI delivers at least 99.99% protection against dangerous waterborne

  • viruses
  • protozoa and
  • bacteria.

SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI is suitable for use under all microbial water quality conditions, including high levels of challenge. Water input should not be hard.


SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI is a flow-through pasteurization device. It comprises

  • solar thermal panel
  • thermostatic control valve
  • external heat exchanger
  • legs for optimum tilt.

Maintenance and lifespan

Reusable for 20 years in daily use, SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI can be stored for 20 years as an emergency standby. Soft water use only. Weekly visual maintenance checks required for leaks. Annual maintenance to take apart and clean heat exchanger.

How does pasteurisation work?

Water heats to 75 °C in the heat exchanger’s outer pipe. It then flows into the solar thermal panel, where it is pasteurized at approximately 80 °C for four minutes. The pasteurized water then flows into the inner pipe of the heat exchanger, where it is cooled before release. Then the water is drinkable.

WHO "Comprehensive Protection"

This product has been tested as part of the WHO International Evaluation Scheme for Household Water Treatment Technologies and it was found to have: ‘Comprehensive protection: two-star’’.

The above is addressed to health and water professionals also government officials.


Technology details

SUNLIFEWATER by Jamebi is manufactured in UK to ISO 9002

Energy Requirements

Solar powered, so typical operating constraints and opportunities of solar technology apply. No operation at night, or when shaded, or under dense cloud. Reduced operation under intermittent cloud or hazy skies. Peak operation, in terms of supply of pasteurized water, on sunny, ie wholly blue-sky, days. Ideal place of use is tropical locations with minimal clouds or haze.

Other features

Installed stationary. Ease of use is a design principle. Off-grid, stand-alone, flow-through design. Supplied either flat-pack, for self-assembly, or pre-assembled. 3 sqm solar panel. Legs included for correct tilt. Only inputs are sun and water, gravity fed, from header tank. User normally provides both header and delivery tanks. Users may also provide basic particulate filtration if needed.

How much drinking water does SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI make?

On a sunny, wholly blue-sky day in the tropics with an air temperature of 30C

  • Max hourly output: 40 litres / hour at noon.
  • Max daily output: 250 litres / day.

On a sunny, partially blue-sky day in the tropics with an air temperature of 30C

  • Typical daily output: 100-200 litres per day.

What is the cost of SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI's drinking water?

Typically, in continuous use, over 20 years, the cost is below

  • 0.3 US cents per litre  or
  • 0.2 UK pence per litre

This is around 50-100 times cheaper than the cost of bottled water! Which makes JAMEBI a very low cost clean water supply.

Now is the time to drink JAMEBI's clean water!