Download the SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI brochure. Addressed to health and water professionals, also to government officials. it introduces us, our aims and our product.

SunLifeWater JAMEBI Solar Water Pasteuriser Brochure V1.6 logo KWR WHO

Download the official WHO test report for the SUNLIFEWATER by JAMEBI solar water pasteuriser, giving details of background, test methods, results and performance classification.

JAMEBI SunLifeWater – Product Test Report – WHO

Download this white paper, which explores the problems and solutions related to obtaining clean drinking water, particularly in sunny tropical parts of the world.

JAMEBI white paper solar water pasteurization

Download this white paper, to understand how solar water pasteurisation can help to address the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. You may be surprised at how many it addresses.

JAMEBI white paper UN goals

Download this short presentation, which was prepared for an international conference in on water and sanitation. It summarises what JAMEBI actually is, as well as what it does.

WEDEC Solar Water Pasteuriser by Barry Johnston RPL